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Tony Geraci



TONY'S SUPPORT FOR YOU: Tony is available 7 days a week and almost 24 hours a day to help with urgent and important matters with agents and their clients. During the week 9am-5pm, call the office (440-449-9100). After hours and weekends, call or text him (216-374-1269). Tony is also a coach, mentor, and trainer for all agents. Call, email, or text Tony to set up time to talk or meet to discuss how to grow your business. He would be happy to set up weekly personal coaching calls to get you active and motivated.


Brenda Mandel

Managing Partner


BRENDA'S SUPPORT FOR YOU: Brenda handles all of the commission, earnest money, and agent expenses. Agents are welcome to contact her anytime if they need anything regarding income or expenses. Brenda has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. If Tony is unavailable at night or on a weekend, agents are welcome to contact Brenda to help with any questions and support.


HISTORY: Brenda began her real estate career in 1993. She was a successful Realtor for many years. SHe has also managed other real estate offices and agents for several years. In 2007, Brenda joined CENTURY 21 HomeStar. For 10 years she was the operations manager of all of the CENTURY 21® offices and agents. In 2017, Brenda became a partner in CENTURY 21 HomeStar. She is now the Managing Partner of CENTURY 21 HomeStar.



Debbie Hehr

Office Manager


DEBBIE'S SUPPORT FOR YOU: Debbie is the office manager. During normal business hours she will assist agents with all general questions about paperwork, procedures, technology, and training. Debbie is in charge of training and teaching agents on how to use the CENTURY 21 tools and technology. Agents can set up hour long, one-on-one, appointments with Debbie to learn everything CENTURY 21 has to offer. These appointments can be over Zoom or in person. 

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Julia Mandel

Sales Manager


JULIA'S SUPPORT FOR YOU: Julia will handle all of your sales docs as they come in, as well as review them for missing items as your second set of eyes. If you want help with looking over an offer before sending it to a client or another agent, let her know and she will be happy to go over it with you. Make sure to send all sales docs to c21homestar@gmail.com and she will let you know once they are received. Julia also assists Tony, Brenda, Debbie, and Carly when information or paperwork is needed from agents. She also handles making sure all information is updated on our websites and social media. Julia is also a licensed Realtor and a Notary.   

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Carly Jankowski

Listing Manager


CARLY'S SUPPORT FOR YOU: Carly is our listing manager and will help input all listings for you. That is right, no need to spend hours entering your listings and changes anymore. Please send all list docs to c21homestar@gmail.com and she will let you know if anything is missing. She will also let you know when she has received the listing and starts to work on it, as well as when it is active in the MLS. She is happy to help with any of your listing questions.

Charlotte Headshot


Office Security and Greeter


CHARLOTTE'S SUPPORT FOR YOU: Charlotte is always happy to greet agents as they come in the door. The key to her heart is lots of pets, playing fetch with her toys, and lots of attention.